Favourite Cars

Morning Blogosphere! It’s been a while since I posted so I thought I’d do a nice easy entry on the topic of my favourite cars. Currently I am driving a second hand BMW 1 Series which is bloody brilliant, though there are a few other cars that always catch my eye, much to the annoyance of my loyal 1 Series.

Like many seedy affairs, the car I lust after most is related to the BMW 1 Series, she is the older, better looking sister of the 1 Series: the BMW 3 Series! Now, to be quite honest my love of the BMW 3 series is pretty superficial, as I haven’t actually driven one, but it looks splendid. Usually, despite the lack of practicality, I prefer the look of 3-door cars as they seem a little more sleek, but the 3-series manages to be practical and sleek, not to mention it is great t drive…. from what I’ve heard. BMW 3 Series Leasing is becoming a pretty attractive option, don’t tell the 1 Series though!

My second mistress comes in the form of the Mercedes-Benz S Class. The S-Class looks so classy, especially in black and whilst I haven’t drove the S-Class either, I have been a passenger in one numerous times. It is so refined and composed, time seems to slow down, and not in a bad way. This temptress is understated, a quality which only adds to her class.

The third car which could lead me astray is the Audi A8…. It appears I have a thing for Germans. Maybe it is a sign of my old age, but again the things that strike me about this car (similar to the S-Class) is that it is obviously expensive, but doesn’t get in your face and show off about it like a say a Lambo would. Don’t get me wrong I’d still have a night of passion with a Gallardo; the blonde bimbo of the motor world which comes with fake breasts and an obnoxious mouth, but turning heads would start to annoy me after a while.

Mercedes-Benz S 350 BlueTec ( W222) 2012


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