Driving Route 66

Things have been slow in the office today, meaning lots of idol chat, which predominantly featured talk of the perfect way to do one of the greatest and most celebrated road trips known to man… Route 66. For those of you who aren’t familiar with route 66 it is a stretch of road that runs from Illinois to California making this stretch of road 3,945 km long! You drive through Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. Obviously then you would want to do it in style if you had the chance.


This naturally got us on to the topic of which car you would take for such a momentous journey. Patrick, the token ‘chav’ in our office went for the predictable Lamborghini Murcielago almost immediately without giving it a second of though. At least he didn’t go for the utterly common Gallardo that features in every other rap video. Whilst I was disappointed at Paddys lack of imagination I can’t deny that I would absolutely love to smash route 66 in a Murcielago, but I think there are better ways to do it.

Karen went with the boring ‘but practical’ Land Rover Range Rover Sport which to be fair is possibly the only car she knows the name of, so I won’t be too harsh on her. But it was rapidly becoming clear to me that my colleagues lack the kind of imagination I was hoping to inspire when I presented the question. Jade said she would take her Ford KA because she loves it so much which was obviously just an attempt to wind me up whilst Craig made things a little bit more interesting by saying he’d take the McLaren MP4-12C. Don’t get me wrong this is a superb car which I personally am a big fan of, and again I assume doing route 66 in the McLaren MP4-12C would absolutely blow my mind, but it falls into a similar category as the Murcielago in my book, in that it doesn’t quite capture the spirit of Route 66.

My faith then rested in Keith to blow me away and really engage me in the conversation I desired, he seemed deep in thought so I thought he was going to come up with a good one, he stroked his chin, paused and out came ‘the Jaguar XJ Series’. Apparently Keith had confused Route 66 with the school run. Another nice car but Jesus Christ, I was half expecting someone to chime in with the Ford Fiesta because its running costs are low! Some of them just hadn’t seemed to grasp that we were talking hypothetically and that you could choose ANY car you want!

Personally I would have chosen an American Muscle car to really set the scene like the 1967 Camero SS or a 60s Mustang, I’d even consider hiring a full on truck! So can somebody please humour me and give me some good all American suggestions, if you’d choose a Land Rover Discovery or a Renault Clio please refrain from commenting.

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